What Our Parents Say

·  “It’s the most amazing program I have ever heard of.  It’s a place where each child can truly develop into what God has designed for them.”

· We are “Very pleased with the care & support my child is receiving. I no longer have anxiety when dropping off my son, as I know he will be safe and we’ll looked after.”

· “Curriculum adjusted for individual learning styles. Open and loving environment.”

· We recommend Pathway School because…

o “it’s the perfect answer for kids who need to learn outside of the box.”

o “the teachers are able to hone in on each child’s levels and needs.”

o  “Pathway helps each child/family to find their God-given gifts,

The teachers put zero guilt on children and parents by accepting where the children are at and understanding that life happens.”

o  “Pathway challenges kids, but keeps it real and understands that every child is different. We love that the staff prays for our families and gives SUCH a “family” feel each and every day. We recommend Pathway for anyone who wants peace of mind.”

o  of the “individualized instruction, loving biblical teachers, recognition of unique God given talents…all leveraged to gain academic success.”

o  of the “comprehensive program…the school provides individualized program for each child and exposes all of the kids to classes and activities that they might not participate in in a mainstream school.  The staff cares for each student and builds their self-confidence.”

o it is “hard to find a school that uses different teaching methods for children who learn differently.”

o “the individualized curriculum and small classes make learning easier for kids with learning challenges.”

o  “our child has completely changed into such an amazing, beautiful and wonderful person in part because of Pathway School!”