“I was introduced to Pathway school in South Orange County a couple of years ago, and I was curious why it was touted as THE hidden treasure in the highly competitive educational arena in which we live.”

KathleenDrama Teacher

My son was shut down emotionally and academically before entering Pathway in the 4th grade. He saw himself as stupid and struggled to fit in with other students. His low self esteem began to worsen and I knew it was necessary to find a school that could help develop his potential. After months of research, I was grateful to find Pathway School that takes students that are struggling academically and teaches them in a way the student can understand. My son has gained an understanding of his learning differences, but most important he has discovered through the love and support of Pathway, he has many gifts and talents.


I am a teacher who has been involved in children’s education for over 20 years; yet my own child struggled to read, to do basic addition and subtraction, and to complete simple logic problems. No matter what we tried, from extensive tutoring to expensive corrective instructional programs, she continued to fail in the public school setting. Her self-esteem hit the bottom, she hated school, and she suffered from ‘school phobia’ with physical illnesses such as stomachaches, headaches, etc. Then God led us to Pathway School. Her transition from timid, sickly, unsure and fearful to confident, self-assured, positive and creative has been a miracle to observe. Each day now she looks forward with eager anticipation to the new and exciting things she can learn at school. She went from a child with severe ‘school phobia’ to a child who begs to go to school even when she is sick!!


Pathway has given me confidence in myself. I would never have run for student council in public school, I didn’t even know what it was. Now, in fact, I ran and won as president of student council both last year and this year. I also learned that I am an auditory learner, which means I need to hear things in order to memorize them. At Pathway you feel like the teachers really care about you because they support you so much in everything you do. They treat you like you are family here.


Reading for me used to be just like watching a black and white TV. It was incredibly boring. My reading ability was below grade level and I really couldn’t get a picture going on in my head after reading a page. Now I have new strategies while reading such as: sticky notes, visualizing and talking about what I am reading.

8th Grade Student

“I am writing to you to express my thankfulness for the existence of Pathway School. My daughter is so happy and has made so many friends over the past two years. She really loves the teachers and both of us feel comfortable knowing that she is in a safe and accepting environment. She has grown in many ways and comes home enthusiastic about learning. The teacher’s individual approach to each student is just what we needed to grow and learn. Thank you for conceiving of such a wonderful place for children to get the education they need in a way that they can learn.”


“My school experience from 1st-3rd grade consisted of dragging myself through school guessing on tests, and enduring painstaking reading exercises. I walked with my head down and mumbled when I spoke because I had no confidence. I have accomplished more in the past 5 years than I ever thought possible. My reading and writing abilities were several years below grade level but I have worked diligently to bring them up.”


“My school years before Pathway were like trudging through a swamp. The teachers were crocodiles and homework was the leeches that sucked the life out of me.”