School Faculty

Our teachers go to extraordinary lengths to engage students in learner appropriate strategies effective in unlocking each child’s potential.  Dedication to student success and flexibility to seek new instructional approaches are the hallmarks of our team.  We employ credentialed and experienced teachers and staff, and invest in their professional development.


Rachel Artiano, B.A.

Primary Lead Teacher and Language Specialist

Amanda Dever, B.A.

Lead Elementary Teacher

Andrea Bayless, B.A.

Elementary Lead Teacher

Jessica Johnson, B.A.

Middle School Lead Teacher and Learning Center Director

Kelley Visca, M.S.

Jr. High & High School Lead Teacher

Jared Holden, B.A.

Jr. High & High School Science and Bible Teacher

Tori Ruby, B.S.

History Teacher & Instructional Assistant

Alie Westphal, B.A.

Music, Drama, Cooking Teacher & Instructional Assistant

Kami Green, M.A.

Art & Elementary Science Teacher

Deborah Campaigne, B.A.

P.E. Teacher

Erin Havlena, B.A.

Instructional Assistant & Math Teacher

Ramona Hennen, B.A.

Instructional Assistant

Sally DePeaux, M.A.

Intervention Teacher

Pam Cole, M.S.

Occupational Therapist

Charmian Hwang, M.A.

Technology Teacher

Administrative Team

Karen Walker, Ph.D


Susie Wenger, B.A.

Founder & Admissions Director

Holly Sherman, M.S.

Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Lisa Corley, M.A.

Office Manager

Board of Directors


Susie Wenger, Educator


Rich Wenger, CPA, Founder & President of Wenger & Bauer CPAs


Suzan Iverson, Educator

 Members at Large

Mark Campaigne

 Retired Head of School

Jeff Jennison

Executive VP, Watson Land Co.

Jeff Krol

Sr. Director of Managed Markets, Avanir

Bob Wright

CPA, Managing Director of Wright, Ford, Young CPAs

Mark McCardle

Business Development Manager, Lenovo